Cottage Point Inn - a French dining experience

2020-11-14 | 5 min read

Cottage Point Inn - A French dining experience

Food: 5 stars

Service: 5 stars

Ambiance/Atmosphere: 4 stars

Value: 4 stars

Cuisine: French / Modern Australian

Trading hours: Open for lunch and dinner (open hours changes seasonally)

Experience: excellent, great service, friendly staff, delicious food


Address: 2 Anderson Pl, Cottage Point NSW 2084, Australia

Phone: (02) 9456 1011

What was the food like at Cottage Point Inn?

The food presentation was excellent and unbelievably delicious. We could not wait to try it as soon as it was served.

How was the service at Cottage Point Inn?

The staff were very friendly and even joked with us. They were very professional and they made sure to ask us if we had any allergies.

They called to confirm our booking and thanked us for our patronage, especially because we were not local to the area.

What was the ambiance/atmosphere like at Cottage Point Inn?

This restaurant has the most beautiful water views. It is situated right next to the water where you can see guests arrive by seaplane. If there is anything negative to say, it would be that the furniture is a little dated.

Do you get value for money at Cottage Point Inn?

Cottage Point Inn is a fine dining experience. We were very full from our set menu meal, and it was expensive. However, If you are looking for a awesome fine dining experience, this is a absolute must for you, your family or a for a special event.

What are the trading hours for Cottage Point Inn?

They are open lunch and dinners. Oopen hours changes seasonally, so bookings are essential.

Are there any Cons to Cottage Point Inn?

There was no wheelchair access and the location is quite remote.

Do we recommend Cottage Point Inn?

We highly recommend Cottage Point Inn. The food was delicious, the staff were friendly and the ambiance is fantastic.

What is the Cottage Point Inn website?

What is the Cottage Point Inn address?

Their address is 2 Anderson Pl, Cottage Point NSW 2084, Australia

What is the Cottage Point Inn phone number?

You can reach them on (02) 9456 1011

How to get to Cottage Point Inn?

The link contains the ways to get to Cottage Point Inn and the booking url.


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