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Welcome to Up Next Events (UpNext). We help you find the best events or best thing to do in Australia.

Through breaking news, features, event guides and insight from industry experts, UpNext is the authority on your thriving city or suburb. We're here to keep you across the goings on around your area and to cover, analyse and comment on it all with accurate reporting, sharp photography and clear, clean design.

On UpNext you'll find daily coverage of the most talked-about openings and big-ticket events alongside the emerging, the lesser-known, and the people, businesses and movements that may have been overlooked, but are no less worthy of your attention.

We'll keep you across the simple must-haves, too – what's worth seeing in the galleries, or where's the best place in town to buy a tailored suit.

We're excited about the cities we cover. New shops, bars and restaurants continue to open, festivals pop-up every other week and decision-makers take our culture seriously. Don't forget keep in touch via facebook or instagram.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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