2021 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2020

12 - 13 February 2021 | 5 min read | cost: Free | website: https://www.helpmannacademy.com.au/events/2021-gra... | address: North Terrace, Lion Arts Centre, Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000

published: 02 Feb 2021

The Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition is an annual showing of the next generation of South Australia's contemporary creative voices.

Twenty two emerging artists from Flinders University and the University of South Australia will showcase their graduate works at this preeminent arts event - presented in its new home, South Australia's flagship contemporary gallery, ACE Open.

A range of creative disciplines will be on display at the event, including ceramics, painting, jewellery, photography, printmaking, video, installation and sculpture. Exhibiting artists will be eligible for 16 awards valued at over $60,000 to be presented on the opening night of the exhibition, making it one of the most significant opportunities for emerging artists in the country.

The Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition continues to provide a visible platform for emerging artists to launch their creative careers, while also providing the wider arts community with an insight into the future of art in South Australia.

Exhibition dates
Friday 29 January to Saturday 13 February 2021
Monday to Friday, 11am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

ACE Open
Lion Arts Centre, North Tce
Kaurna Yarta, Adelaide

2021 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2020

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when: 12 - 13 February 2021
start time/end time: 12 Feb 2020 - 13 Feb 2021, Next Occurrence : 02 Feb 202106:30 PM - 08:30 PM
city/suburb: adelaide-sa-australia

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