Considering voluntary euthanasia 2021

25 November 2021 | 5 min read | venue: Online | cost: Free | website: | address: See event description for details on how to connect.

published: 22 Nov 2021

This is not an easy and comfortable topic to explore however we will because life isn't comfortable (first Noble Truth of the Buddha's teaching) and we must face these things and come to our own conclusions. 

There are numerous ethical issues that we must face in life. They are not comfortable but face them we must.

Thay Thong Phap said he has his own view on these topics which is in line with received Buddhist teaching but there are compelling arguments for voluntary euthanasia.

Thay agreed that we will do our best to explore and look in-depth into this very difficult topic.

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About the speaker

Thich Truc Thong Phap is a bhikkhu (fully ordained monk) in a Vietnamese meditation tradition. His teacher is the Most Venerable Thay Thich Thanh Tu, a meditation master in the Truc Lam (Bamboo Forest) school. Originating from Port Adelaide in South Australia and then Tasmania from 2010- 2017, he now lives in the Southern Flinders Ranges with a small community of Anglican religious brothers and sisters. He has a Master's Degree in Social Sciences (Counselling) and a Diploma in Psychosynthesis and was the Buddhist representative chaplain at the University of Tasmania for four years prior to working for four years as the Buddhist chaplain at Oasis, the multifaith chaplaincy centre at Flinders University, SA.

Thich Truc Thong Phap grew up within the Christian church, having been a novice monk in an Anglican Benedictine community and has had a 40 year commitment to Buddhist - Christian dialogue. His chief work as a Buddhist monk is in supporting the education of Contemplative Care workers of whatever philosophical or religious persuasion but has a particular interest in developing Buddhist Contemplative Care workers.

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Considering voluntary euthanasia 2021

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when: 25 November 2021
start time/end time: Thursday 25 November from 7:30pm to 9pm
venue: Online
city/suburb: sydney-nsw-australia
address: See event description for details on how to connect.

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