Things to do for Chinese Lunar New Year 2021

2021-01-26 | 5 min read

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Get ready for this year’s Lunar New Year Celebration by savouring global delicacies, spending an extraordinary day towering above the city and many more.

1. For those seeking clarity on the year ahead,  the Chinese Garden of Friendship will conduct personalised Chinese horoscope readings and will host a range of interactive workshops.

2. Visit hidden landmarks, experience the Taste of Chinatown and discover the history of Chinese Australians. Taste Sydney favourites from China, Korea, and Malaysia.

3. Spend your Lunar New Year at Blu Bar as they honour the Year of the Ox in 2021 with Chinese-themed cocktails and delectable share plates, whilst the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House sparkle beyond.

4. Celebrate Lunar New year with Chat Thai and  at Spice Temple. You can either feast on authentic Chat Thai Lucky Menu or enjoy a special Chinese New Year banquet with meaningful dishes to promote Wealth, Longevity, Prosperity and Fortune which add even more happiness throughout the year!

5. Spend your  Lunar New Year at Sydney Tower Eye with your friends and families to indulge in a unique day out at the top of Sydney's tallest building and receive 'red pockets from the sky'.

Things to do for Chinese Lunar New Year 2021

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