75th Anniversary of the End of World War II 2020

15 August 2020 - 31 July 2020 | 5 min read | venue: Online | cost: Free | website: https://www.vic.gov.au/75th-anniversary-end-world-...

published: 01 Nov 2020

Commemorate Victory in the Pacific Day, 15 August 1945, with activities, stories and exhibitions from a number of Victoria's significant cultural institutions, including Old Treasury Building, the Shrine of Remembrance, National Trust of Australia (Vic) and Museums Victoria, all online.

Hear stories from the home front and learn about the lives of Victoria's WWII veterans and the impact on Victoria and sites that were used during WWII, such as the RAAF in the Royal Exhibition Building. Watch interviews and experience virtual reality tours, learn about contributions of women to the war effort or discover the tragic story of the sinking of Australian hospital ship Centaur.

Visit the website for updated cultural programs during the year-long anniversary celebration.

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when: 15 August 2020 - 31 July 2020
start time/end time: Sun 1 Nov All day | Mon 2 Nov All day | Tue 3 Nov All day | Wed 4 Nov All day | Thu 5 Nov All day | Fri 6 Nov All day | Sat 7 Nov All day
venue: Online

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