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National Science Week Victoria 2020

15 Aug 2020 - 23 Aug 2020 | 5 min read | venue: online | cost: free | website:

published: 30 Jul 2020

National Science Week Victoria goes completely online in 2020, offering a series of events and activities that explore the question - 'What's next for the human species?'.

Billed Possible Impossibles, there are activities designed to engage the whole family, as you ponder the future. Will we resurrect extinct species, solve the problem of consciousness, and primarily eat lab grown meat? Will time travel, invisibility, telepathy, and suspended animation become possible? Will we move past the issues of climate change, ageing, waste, and food insecurity?

Everyone can get involved with the Possible Impossibles Q&A with experts. A selection of scientists and other experts has been gathered to outline what impossible challenge they are working to solve, and what's next for their field. With topics as diverse as Future Food to Resurrecting Extinct Species to Socially Aware Robots, and Nano-Materials, there's likely to be something to interest everyone.

What foods might we eat in the future? How they will be produced? This is the theme of A Taste of Tomorrow. If you want to do more than just speculate about these questions, you have the opportunity to dive in to 'a mystery box of sustainable and nutritious goodies'. Are you willing to sample fake meat, insect flour, seaweed snacks, farm-to-plate disease-free animals or bioengineered crops? Then sign up for the Taste Tomorrow taster box! Click here to register.

Want a more physical activity? How about dancing like a phasmid (stick insect)? In a collaboration between a choreographer and an artist, Activators 2 is a movement experiment that explores the body/androids/artificial movement/intelligence on the one side and the body/human instinct/natural movement/nature on the other. Videos will be available throughout National Science Week. Recommended for ages 15 plus.

National Science Week Victoria 2020

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