QVB's Lunar New Year Lotus Bloom Wishing Well 2021

09 - 26 February 2021 | 5 min read | venue: Queen Victoria Building | cost: Free | website: https://www.qvb.com.au/lny-2021/lunar-new-year | address: 455 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

published: 11 Feb 2021

In this Year of the Ox, slow and steady is the mantra and consistent effort reaps the greatest rewards. Hardworking and reliable, this natural-born leader never seeks praise but will turn heads anyway. With a reputation as a careful planner, the ox sets its course, knows its strengths, and has the patience to work towards success no matter how long it takes.

The ox teaches us that organisation and discipline are the key to achieving greatness. Take a leaf out of its book and write down your desire, hopes and messages of love and strength for the year ahead. Then fold your paper into the shape of the ox using the ancient Chinese art of zhezhi. As you place your paper ox into the lotus, visualise your wish coming true. But remember: what may seem like good luck is actually the result of old-fashioned hard work.

As Little Year and Spring Festival play out, our herd of Zhezhi oxen and the messages of reflection, gratitude and hope they inspire will accumulate and become a strong visual representation of our community's hope for our future.

A strong visual representation of our community's united hopes for our future.

Contribute your wish on Level 1 at the QVB, 455 George Street, Sydney, 2000.

Stronger together. Strong As An Ox.

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