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Our Response to Covid 19

2020-03-29 | 5 min read

In a time of concern and unrest, your safety and health is our top priority. Like everyone else, UpNext has also been impacted by this pandemic and we are working hard to adjust to the situation.

Here at UpNext, we endeavour to handle all inquiries as soon as possible, with urgent ones being top priority. If we do post any events or blog posts, we will make sure to check whether they follow updated guidelines. However, please note that with the rapidly changing rules and regulations, some events already posted onto UpNext from the previous few weeks may now be outdated, so always confirm with event organisers first before proceeding.

If you need updates on the rules and regulations around Australians events, then remember to visit AHPPC where updates are made daily. For information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, please visit health alerts.

Our team wishes you and your family safety. Remember to stay safe, look after loved ones and practice social distancing.

Thank you,

UpNext team.

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