Spring Clean Your Patch 2020

18 Oct 2020 - 18 Oct 2020 | 5 min read | cost: FREE | website: https://www.facebook.com/events/340332093979246

published: 11 Oct 2020

To everyone who cares about the amount of waste and single use plastic that ends up in our ocean, streams, parks and local streets, impacting our wildlife and environment 🌳 🐬 🐢

This is your invitation to join #SpringCleanYourPatch on Sunday 18th October - people around Victoria will be gathering their bags, safety gear, personal protective equipment and heading out into their neighbourhood for an hour between 9-12pm to spring clean their local streets, parks, beaches and neighbourhoods, to raise awareness about waste and the issues of single use plastics.

Victoria is in the midst of a recycling and waste crisis, and we’re seeing a steep rise in single use plastic waste since the onset of COVID-19. So, on Sunday 18th October people across Victoria will be picking up the rubbish they find and logging it in the Litter Stopper app.

Last year Beach Patrol and Love Our Street organised hundreds of people across Melbourne to Spring Clean The City. Together, we picked up 2218 drink bottles and cans, 1107 coffee cups and lids, and 658 plastic straws. We used this data to place pressure on state government and councils to deal with the issue of single use plastics, and advocate for a container deposit scheme.

Over the past year, we have seen the state government working with councils to roll out a new four bin waste and recycling system, and a container deposit scheme, from 2023. The pressure is working! But we need your help to keep advocating for plastic waste reform and recycling across the state.

Everyone is invited - everyone is needed. Join us to collect and document the plastic litter in your patch!

Invite your friends, school mates, families to join in, adhering to government health regulations.

Directions on the day:

1. Gather your bags, safety gear, personal protective equipment, and anything else you’ll need, and head out into your neighbourhood for an hour between 9-12pm.

2. Download the Litter Stopper app

from an app store

3. Log the collected rubbish information in the app

4. Share your experience and the waste you’ve collected on Instagram and Facebook and include hashtags

#springcleanyourpatch #stopsingleuseplastics

Make sure you dispose of waste appropriately – rubbish in the rubbish bins, recycling in the recycling bins – you know the drill. And make sure you stay COVID safe!

In partnership with Beach Patrol and Love Our Street

Spring Clean Your Patch 2020

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